How to Stop Feeling So Overwhelmed as a Highly Sensitive Person

Are you a high achieving HSP who 
has a to-do list that could wrap around the earth twice, 
and you feel just a tad bit overwhelmed?

As a highly sensitive person, it is likely that you are very good at
picking up on the energy/vibe of others.
Even if someone isn't telling you what they feel, 
you know something is off.

Over time, this can get very draining,
would you agree?

In my experience, overwhelm shows itself in three different ways:

1. Mental Overwhelm = Too much on my to-do list and too many negative thoughts.

2. Emotional Overwhelm = Feeling too much of other people's 'stuff' along with my own.

3. Physical Overwhelm = Aka Stress, Burnout, Adrenal Fatigue, Low Energy, Brain Fog, etc.

Can you imagine what life would look and feel like 
if you didn't feel overwhelmed all the time?

Perhaps instead, you would feel lighter...
And life would flow with ease and synchronicity more often...

"Is that even possible for a HSP?" you might ask.
Of course it is, otherwise I wouldn't be here right now ;)

 In this week's video, I share 2 VITAL tips HSPs need to do consistently 
in order to stop feeling overwhelmed and start feeling more at peace,
balanced, in flow, and grounded daily {yes, DAILY!}.


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