I Found My People

Fear and doubt like to sneak into my life when I need bravery the most.

For example...
When I move to a new city...
When I start planning my new virtual mentoring program for HSPs...
The first few times I allow myself to be vulnerable in front of new people...

Sometimes I catch myself saying,
"Can I really do this? How will it all come together?
What if it doesn't work out? What if it all falls apart?"

As I continue to step into the unknown of life,
most days it feels like I am walking through the dark,
and the only light is a lantern guiding only my next step.

And what happens when I am walking this path alone?
​Worst. Emotional Breakdowns. I take things personally more;
And I am slow moving in taking any next step forward.

I question myself,
I stop trusting,
I lose my connection within
and I grow confused and unsure about
committing more and more to this path that I'm on.

Sometimes I get so frustrated that
things aren't where I want it to be yet,
and in those moments, I think I'll just give up on my big visions completely.

So what keeps me going?
What is it that gives me hope?
That keeps me focused on possibilities
and reminds me of my purpose?

Watch this week's video as I share my experience
with being connected to

my community,
my tribe,
my Soul Team.

And how this is especially important for you
if you are a Highly Sensitive Person.


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