Struggles with Fitting in as a Highly Sensitive Person

I found my HOME.
San Diego, how did I not know about you sooner?!

All these years I've been looking for a place to call home.

And after living in 5 places in 5 years I am ready to grow some roots.

Since 2010 I lived in...
New Paltz, NY
Big Island, Hawaii
Long Island, NY
Saint Kitts, Caribbean
Fort Collins, CO

Why did I do this?
Back in 2010 I was a year out of college.
I was lonely and I was searching for myself.
My REAL self.

Not the person everyone wanted me to be;
I was a people pleaser.
Not who society subliminally taught me to be;
I never felt I was good enough.
And not who the people in my life said I should be;
they didn't even know what they wanted to be either.

I had many layers of identities and many masks that were not
working for me anymore.
I felt alone. I was awkward, and I often
spent so much energy trying to figure out
who and what people wanted me to be.

So what did I do?
I went in search of myself,
and moved to different places,

hoping I'd find myself there.

Hoping I'd experience enough environments to find 'my people'.
I knew they were out there somewhere.

In the process, I learned who I was on a deeper level, and
finally connected me with the people I had been searching for
my entire life.

"Where do I belong?"
I asked myself many times in my life.
And today, I share what I learned on my journey of self-discovery.

In today's video I talk about the 2 things that were getting in the way of me feeling connected to others and feeling a sense of belongingness.

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Thanks for watching!


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