What to Do When You Feel Stuck {for Highly Sensitive People Who Are Here to Be the Change They Wish to See}

For about 8 months this past year I felt extremely stuck.
Being in a place of limbo brought up so much
stress, frustration, and anxiety;
To cope I would spend hours sleeping, eating sweet treats,
and crying to my journal.‚Äč

I did not know where I would be living come June,
I did not know how I was going to share my passion with the world,
and I could not seem to figure out how to meet my people.

I didn't feel grounded, I felt alone, confused,
and I was stressed about how I was going to pay my bills.

Each day I woke up hoping things would change...
...hoping something in my external world would shift so that I didn't
feel this way any longer. I was ruled by my circumstances and
all I wanted was to feel happier, more hopeful, and excited to live life again.

So what did I do?
Watch this week's video above.
You might just be surprised, being that I'm the girl that usually says,
"Eh, I can figure it out on my own."


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