How to Manage Your Emotions {Without Shame}


Emotional Freedom Techniques for Highly Sensitive People

Emotional stress can be a major downer.
For me, that means being tired throughout the day,
riding the emotional roller coaster,
and reacting negatively to the people I care about most.

When I'm more sensitive and emotional,
I tend to take things more personally...
I make more assumptions...
and I hide in my house until I feel strong enough to go back out in the world.

These patterns REALLY slow me down.
When I can't get a grip on my emotions 
or I can't move past a conversation or uncomfortable memory, 
I end up digging myself a hole, 
and eventually feel stuck and go into a period of depression.

When I'm full on in this *mess* 
I feel hopeless, 
ashamed of myself for letting it get to me so much, 
and out of control because I don't know what to do.

Can you relate?

Thankfully, I learned an emotional management tool early on
that has helped me decrease my ups and downs over the last couple of years 
AND has given me more confidence in being able to take risks like starting my own business and moving across the country to my favorite city.

What is this tool called? 
Emotional Freedom Techniques
AKA: Tapping OR EFT
Now you can learn it too! I made a video for just for you...


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