A New Perspective on Emotions (for Highly Sensitive People)

To Feel? Or Not to Feel? That is the Question.

It's right around the corner lurking nearby.
Everything seems fine, but you feel something is off.

You can't put your finger on it, so you blame it on others
and say you are picking up on the energy of the people around you.

But really...you are in the midst of repressing a feeling.
To feel, or not to feel?
That is the question.

A part of me is terrified to really be real right now,
but I value authenticity more than perfectionism, so here I go.

The feeling I am feeling right now is Shame.

And to be honest, shame is not a feeling I ever understood very much.

But so that we are on the same page, I thought I'd share what
Brene Brown shared with me in her book Daring Greatly...
Shame; The belief that 'I Am Bad.'
Which is different from Guilt; I Did Something Bad.

A fear that if I am real, open, and vulnerable,
I will be judged and therefore be unworthy of connection.

Oh dear, no connection? How could I live without connection?

What I really want to share with you is that 3 years ago
I committed to a Masters Degree in Mental Health Counseling.

At the time, I thought it would give me the proper foundation
so I could help others.

That's all I wanted; to help others on their journey.

The same year I started my counseling program online,
I also started my Health Coaching business.

And with 1 year left of school (2015)...something shifted.

Would I finish school to be labeled as a Counselor in society?
Would I take out another $25k in student loans just for a piece of paper?

Or would I trust my intuition and my mentors, guiding me as I create 
a new path to help create a shift in perception around what it means to be sensitive, regardless of the label I call myself?

Do I just get the piece of paper that says I finished?
Or can I still make a difference without the label that
society tells me I need?

Then came the shame questions...

What will others think if I don't finish school?
What if people are turned away because they judge me for not understanding why the counseling path does not fit me anymore?

What if I don't have anything to fall back on?
What if I do finish my last year of school but it suffocates me, drains me, and makes me feel trapped in a box with little creative expression, and I come out of it with adrenal fatigue and more health problems than when I started?

These are the fears of shame.

A fear of being misunderstood, being judged, and most of all,
feeling disconnected because of a belief that
 'there must be something wrong with me.'

Thankfully, Brene Brown also taught me that
"If you own the story, you get to write the ending."

And so - That is my intention. 
I am the writer of my life.
I tell my stories.

I say what is important and what I value and what I will pursue and not.
And I will trust my inner voice, because it has never steered me wrong;
not once in my life. Why would it be wrong this time?

I will write the ending of this story.

And there you have it, a feeling I am trying not to feel; shame.
Putting words to it, as Brene says, takes its power away.
That is why I am writing. That is why I make videos.
And that is why I am here.

I value Authenticity. Bravery. And Vulnerability.
Because God knows there is enough emotional suffocation
and fear in this world.

I am here to be the change I wish to see and inspire others to share their gifts with the world. Do we need another box? Or do we need to trust the inner voice of guidance, showing another way of living and being in this world?

I hope today's video inspires you to see your emotions in a new way.
I no longer fear emotions;
Because "anything that isn't love is an illusion" (A Course In Miracles).

If I do feel shame, or guilt, or worry, or disappointment...
I know it's going to be ok.

Because I love, forgive, and accept myself unconditionally,
and know that everything always happens for a reason.

There is ALWAYS a great story at the end of it all.
And I will indeed write the ending of this story to inspire others 
to find a different way, be real, and trust the inner voice that is guiding them to a new way of living.

This week's video is on Emotions. I hope you receive what you are meant to receive from it. Thanks for being here with me.

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with your favorite Highly Sensitive Person. Thanks!


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