How to Feel Confident as a Highly Sensitive Person

You might not have known this about me but...
...I was an Ugly Duckling.

I mean, duh, why do you think my logo is a swan ;)

Yes, I was an awkward child...
With crooked front teeth,
big 90's glasses (that were definitely not cool),
a nickname of KaKa (thinking it would be pronounced KayKay
when read, but oh was I wrong...)
and never really had much to say when I was put on the spot.
Not only did I have a highly active imagination as a highly sensitive child,
but I also suffered from brain fog from eating foods my body could not digest properly.
Talk about space cadet.
My mom called it, LaLa Land (sound familiar?).
Being THAT girl that always knew the right thing to say at the right time,
who emanated beauty and grace,
and had her own voice and wasn't scared to use it.
Yep, that was far from who I showed the world for a long period of my life.
So what happened?
What shifted?
And how the heck do I have a video blog where I share my life so vulnerably without fear?
Watch this week's video on Confidence 
and leave a comment below.

Then, share this video with your favorite
Highly Sensitive friend or family member.


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