How to Handle Confrontation as a Highly Sensitive Person

How many times have you held back from saying something,
froze up, your mind went blank, 
or you didn't have anything good to say

when there was a clear conflict in your face?
As HSPs, it is common to shut down in the face of conflict,
in fear of what might happen as a consequence.

Just the thought of a heated misunderstanding is overwhelming.
So naturally, you're very good at avoiding it at all cost.

Well, what happens when you can't avoid it?
Or you are belittling or disempowering yourself
to save face in order to not stir anything up?

I can tell you, after many years of doing this,
it never felt good to hide what I needed to say.

Over time, this 'storing away' of my anger and frustration
created a physical condition (eczema) because of the inner
inflammation I was pushing down.

That is, until I learned how to handle myself
in the face of confrontation.

I share this video with you so that you don't have to quiet your voice,
suppress what you think and feel,
and hide your point of view from others.

You CAN handle confrontation with ease - all it takes is 3 easy steps.

Watch this week's video and learn
The 3 Steps to Handling Confrontation as a HSP.

Then comment below on which step was most helpful for you,
and share with your favorite Highly Sensitive friend or family member.


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Ryan Sodersten
Ryan Sodersten
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