How to Stop Feeling Other Peoples' Emotions If You Are Highly Sensitive

Can I give it back?

Ever Feel Like RETURNING Your Empathic 'Gift'?

Don't get me wrong...
I love connecting deeply with others.
But, doesn't it sometimes feel like you just want
to turn your empathy 'gift' OFF?

EMPATHY is one of your strengths as a Highly Sensitive Person.
But what happens when you go into Empathy Overload and feel
trapped by the emotions of everyone around you?
Then WHAT?

Over the last month, I've been hearing these comments...
"Empathy is one of my STRENGTHS as an HSP?
Yeah right, I'll give it back.
It's more like a HSP WEAKNESS.
I feel paralyzed by everyone's anger, sadness, and confusion.
How do I turn this gift OFF??!"

This week I share 1 Simple Tip that you can start practicing 
so that you don't let other people's emotions drag you down;
And instead, stay present and grounded with yourself,
despite what others feel around you;
be it a crowded supermarket, party,
restaurant, or even 1:1 with a friend or family member.

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Then share this video with your favorite
Highly Sensitive Person.


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