The Highly Sensitive Person in Interviews

My favorite perk of owning my own business?
I Am the One Who Does the Job Interview.

One of the joys of owning my own business
is that the only people I am 'interviewing' with
are people I've connected with and want to develop 
a working relationship with.

But to be put on the spot to land a job...
talk about myself...
ruffle my feathers...
tell someone why I am the person for them...
Just seems like a whole lot of inauthentic, fake, manipulative word vomit.
Especially when it's a job I don't really want.
Can you relate?

Is there a way to be genuine, authentic, and real in an interview?
How does being Highly Sensitive actually make you a stronger candidate,
simply by 'just being' who you naturally are?

This week's video is for you if you desire the confidence
to get the kick-ass job you just manifested...
And how to use your highly sensitive strengths so that the meeting unfurls in the best way possible.

If you think this video is not for you, THINK AGAIN! 

The tips I share here can also be used when...
*Making new friends
*Engaging in a networking environment

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favorite Highly Sensitive Person


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