Why We Isolate as a Highly Sensitive People

For the first 22 years of my life, I didn't really know who I was.
Simply stated, I was who everyone wanted me to be.

This was a gift, and a downfall at the same time.
I could assimilate anywhere, be 'friends' with anyone,
adapt, and play along in any game.

Growing up, I didn't know how to use my highly sensitive 
empathic skills for good.

Instead, I was who everyone wanted me to be,
And to be honest, I didn't know any other way.

All I knew was love, so my child-like mind thought the best option would be to give everyone what they wanted, all the time.
I thought that was the path to connection.
Doing this, however, made me very inconsistent with who I showed up in the world as. And I made it very hard for people to
'read' me (aka understand me).

Over time, I started to feel misunderstood, different,
and that no matter where I was, I never fit it.

Sound familiar?

Eventually, my roles got so overwhelming that I'd explode
with frustration and anger, causing friendships to end.

I resented them for how they treated me.
But, truth be told, I wasn't being honest either.

To this day, there are still relationships that
have not been mended because of this.
But I have learned my lessons, 
and hopefully, they have too.

In today's video, I share what happens when relationships are destroyed and isolation sets in. I share my fears, my concerns, and my worries...

AND 3 questions I ask myself to create an internal shift
when I'm starting to isolate from others,
so I can continue to BE SEEN in the world, exactly who I am.

If you want to connect with the world around you,
as a Highly Sensitive Person it is imperative that you feel good about yourself (says Elaine Aron).

So if you need a shift because you are feeling a bit isolated,
watch today's video and share your experience with this
in the comments below.

Then, share this video with your
favorite Highly Sensitive friend or family member.


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