Cultivating Emotional Mastery as a Highly Sensitive Person {Podcast}

I have a dream.
I am here to help make this world a better place.

But when the world feels like it's crumbling down around you,
What do you do?

Do you believe what you want will never come?
Do you feel hopeless?
Do you feel like a failure?
Do you doubt yourself?

This experience can feel like a grenade exploding
for a highly sensitive person.

But for HSPs, it happens within.

You try to push it down, charge it through,
Or, take cover and hide.
But no matter what you do,
sometimes it just seems impossible to get off the emotional rollercoaster
and get a handle on the inner chaos that filters through your day.

And what happens if you’re one of the lucky few
who has a calling to make this world a better place?

But believe that vision is impossible,
so far out of reach,
and you feel helpless because you don’t know
HOW to do what you want to do?

How do you help others and create a positive change around you
when all the 'voices' in your head tell you 
it'll take forever, or it's too big of a mission?

If you’ve always heard a calling, deep within your soul,
but your negative thoughts and draining emotions 
slow you down from taking any step forward,
this month’s podcast is for you.

As a ‘sensitive’ girl who’s cried over the smallest of ‘mistakes’,
I know first hand the ups and downs it takes to listen to your soul.

But the more you do it, the easier it gets.
And the stronger that connection,
the more grounded, yet in flow,
your days will be, and your visions created.

I’m here to help you make things flow easier.
So when you leave, you feel like you have your
Master’s Degree in Highly Sensitive Living.

If you want to learn how to be a part of my virtual mentoring program,
complete your HSP Mentoring Application to find out if it will be
a match for you.

Have a great rest of your day.
With ease and flow,

P.S. Are you inspired? Please share this podcast with your favorite
Highly Sensitive friend or family member.
Thanks for spreading the word <3



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