How to Not Feel Disappointed/Frustrated When Setting Goals

What is the difference between goals & expectations?

What happens when it's time to get out a fresh piece of paper;
start from a new space;
with a new foundation beneath your feet,
and you don’t know what direction to take it in?

As a human being,
you have an infinite number of possibilities at your fingertips.
You have an infinite ability to create.

You might try to tell yourself that this isn’t true.
And from that perspective, it is easy to blame those around you;
blame the Universe for putting you in this life experience,
or feel bad for yourself because you were born Sensitive.

But really, how is that workin’ out for you?

When there are so many options available, what do you do?
Where do you start?
And how the heck do you stay unattached to the outcome
when you DO finally have your vision straightened out?

This is probably one of the most challenging tasks
I faced in all of my years of setting goals.

As a HSP with the strength of being a visionary,
how do you set goals and big intentions for your life
and not expect it to happen in a certain way…
within a certain time frame…
or with a certain somebody?

How do you stay focused on your end result,
keep taking steps towards the finish line,
and enjoy the process without feeling stressed,
overwhelmed, frustrated, or disappointed
when barriers start to show themselves?

This week’s video is for you if you’re a goal setter,
but your expectations get in the way;
causing you to doubt yourself and abort ship earlier than planned.

As a HSP who is here to be the change you wish to see,
I KNOW you have experienced this at least once on your journey.

So how do you set goals without the stress of how it will be created,
when you will get there,
who will be there in its creation,
and where the resources will come from?

Watch today’s video to find out, and leave a comment below
on what you think about all this.

And if you liked this video, please share it with your favorite Highly Sensitive friend or family member 
to help spread of awareness
of how to be the change you wish to see
as a Highly Sensitive Person.

I appreciate you for helping create this ripple effect, thank you!
Have a great rest of your day, talk soon.


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