Living on Planet Earth as a Highly Sensitive Person {Podcast}

"She told me I needed to be more human...Gross."

It was 2010 and my first ever mentor and Life Coach told me,
"Karina, you are really good at being spiritual,
but what you need to learn in this lifetime is how to be more human."

"What?? Be more human?
Eww Gross. Humans suck.
They are mean, unaware, they are ruining the earth,
and all they care about is getting more THINGS."

At that point, I had even TRIED being like everyone else my entire life,
and I knew with clarity that that just DOES NOT WORK.
I was never going to be like everyone else.

After thinking about this more,
I realized that my Life Coach wasn't telling me
I needed to be like everyone else,
but rather I needed to find a way to bring my spirituality down to earth.

I needed to find a way to be a part of society,
because without people like me (and YOU),
this world might very well continue to be destroyed
and people are torn apart by their differences.

Myself, along with many other Highly Sensitive People
have a different perspective on life.

Our strengths of intuition, empathy, being a visionary,
and having a strong desire to live with integrity and authenticity
are exactly what society needs to evolve to be more sustainable.

We can spot inconsistencies, we know where the holes are,
and we are very good at coming up with ideas on how to make a change.

But FIRST, we need to come back to planet earth,
ground ourselves, and embrace the fact that we aren't going anywhere.
We came here for a reason.
So that has been my mission for the past 5 years...
I am a Bridge.

A bridge from the physical world to the spiritual world,
integrating the two so that there can be more peace, love,
joy, and deep connection here on this earth.
In this month's podcast, I share:
*The 3 reasons why you may have planned your escape from planet earth
*And MY formula for feeling grounded here on this earth so that you can be the change you wish to see and make this world a better place.

The world needs you.
In society, on TV, in your community.
A shift is happening - and its time to come out of your cave,
burn your escape plans, and plant your roots here on this earth.

We aren't going anywhere...
so we might as well live the best life we can while we're here.

Let me know what resonates with you!
Which root YOU will start working on so you can feel more
grounded here on this earth? Leave a comment below.

Then, please share this podcast with your favorite
Highly Sensitive Person. Thank you <3

Looking forward to hearing from you.

With love,


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Living on planet earth is the last thing that we all need to focus for write my essay. There are people who don't even know about it, and they are trying to pursue it for sure.