The Secret Life of a People Pleaser

As I reach this turning point in my life,
where I take off yet another mask...
I am faced, yet again with the fear that accompanies
the road to authenticity.

I've worn many masks in this lifetime.
I remember explaining this to a friend in college one day,
telling her how much work it was to juggle all the 'Karinas' 
in all the different environments I committed to each day.

I remember she said to me,
"What if you were the same Karina everywhere you went?"

Hmmm, I thought.
The same Karina...each and every day?
In each and every circle of people I was a part of?

In college, I thought it would be impossible to be the same Karina
in my circle of friends, with my boyfriend, with my family, in class,
at Oasis/Haven (campus peer counseling organization),
at cheerleading, at the bar/restaurant I worked at...
Oh dear, how could it ever be done?

I can't be the loud, leader at Oasis.
I can't be the empathetic, open-minded sensitive girl at cheerleading.
I can't be the intuitive, intelligent girl at work.
I can't be the party-girl around my family.

It was the craziest thing to imagine,
to be the same Karina in each and every one of these places,
and still be loved, accepted, and welcomed.

This was a turning point for me.
And this was when I became aware of the LIE I had
been living my entire life.

The lie of the masks.
The lie of the people pleaser.
The awakening to the journey of finding my true self.

The deeper part inside of me that accepted all of my
'flaws' and dorky-ness,
and the part that said it was OKAY to JUST BE.

Have you experienced your awakening yet?
Are you living and breathing as your most Authentic Self?

In this week's video,
I share the first steps to taking off the masks,
being real with yourself and others,
and living authentically as a Highly Sensitive Person.

If this video helped, leave a comment below and share
with your favorite Highly Sensitive friend or family member.


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