Why You Feel Disconnected From the World (If You are a Highly Sensitive Person)

Once upon a time...
...I felt so disconnected from my world.

Just two nights ago I had a dream that I was at a party.
Everyone was enjoying each other's company, laughing and eating;
not knowing what laid ahead of us.

All of a sudden, I looked out the window and off into the distance
there were at least 6 or 7 mini cyclones forming above the water.

Each of them were slowly picking up speed,
getting wider and bigger the more they spun.
Within just a few seconds of watching this,
all the cyclones came together
forming one big cyclone,
and started to make its way towards our party.

Aw crap, I thought. Get ready for a mess.

This is how I often feel when I am on the brink of a vulnerable moment.
After trying to disregard the smaller cyclones,
and hoping they will dissipate on their own,
all of a sudden their forces combine and power of nature takes over.

At this point, there's no stopping the destruction
that could potentially unfurl.

Growing up, I got very good at bottling up my emotions.
I didn't want to 'make waves' so I tucked them away and held my tongue.
If you aren't familiar with this pattern, eventually, something...someone...explodes.

There is only so long a person can go before they break loose
and hit their final trigger point.

For the most part, I avoided vulnerable moments
and interactions at all cost.

I was terrified of the outcome or how another would respond;
AND I was especially afraid of ruining a relationship and saying goodbye to someone I cared about for good.

I didn't want to be alone.

So I held my thoughts and feelings in and did my best to let it go.
It was an act of survival. I needed others in my life.

However, as this pattern gained momentum and college ended,
and it was time for me to start my life in the 'real world',
I had little energy or motivation to connect with anyone.

Instead, I hid. I isolated.
And I judged anyone who I felt was 'different' than I was.

Slowly but surely, I felt like I didn't have anyone.
I sometimes even felt like I didn't have myself...my REAL self.

Despite feeling so disconnected, 
I so badly wanted to feel deep connection with others.
BUT, I also didn't want to be hurt in the process.

So what did this girl do?
How did she get out of this hole?
The Hole of Feeling Disconnected From Herself & Others?

If this is you and you want to know the one thing you'll need
to feel connected to others and the world you live in again,
watch this week's video above.

Then, share your story below or send me an email to connect.
I'd love to hear your experiences with today's topic.

If this video helped, please spread the word
and share with your favorite Highly Sensitive friend or family member.

Thank you <3


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