Mindfulness Meditation for Highly Sensitive People

September is here and I feel the buzz of life going at it again.
And it's not just 'cause it's the end of summer
and all the fresh beginnings are here with school starting...
But because for the next 2 weeks, I'm in New York.

It's always been an interesting experience
going back into New York energy.

After living in the consistent, grounded San Diego energy for just
over a year now, it's actually become quite humorous how much
being in this space actually triggered me in the past.

The traffic.
The blank stares. (I'm totally used to saying hello to people
I meet around the neighborhood, and this isn't always
welcome in some parts 'round here.)

Not always having my own personal space to just be.
The mosquitos. The intense weather changes. 
Being out of my regular flow.

The old memories of insecurity and fear of judgment.

If you've ever experienced something like this
{visiting old places that once triggered you},
what do you do to reconnect to yourself (and refuel)
when the stimulation just keeps pulling you away from 
your groundedness; your peace; your presence?

Thankfully, since I began this journey of learning about my sensitive traits
and how to manage my energy consistently, 
this challenge has gotten so much easier to manage.

But when I first started out, I'd lose myself so easily
that I'd get sick every single time I was here.
It became a regular thing to ask myself,
"What's wrong with me?"

This week I'm sharing a Mindfulness Meditation
that I do quite often to help me reconnect, feel present,
and remember that everything is going to be OK.

It really takes no effort at all.
{You might even think you're LAZY for doing such a practice;
especially if you have that Western Culture blood that tells you
it's not acceptable to sit still for even just a few minutes.}

If this is you (that HSP that can't sit down because you
still think you need to be BUSY all the time like everyone else...)
Then do yourself a favor and be present with me.

Seriously, it takes less than 8 minutes.
Then, respond to me here with any questions you have
about the practice of meditation.

Deep Breath...And GO!
See you there :)

With love,

P.S. I'm taking 3 more applications this month for my HSP Mentoring Program, Synchronize Your Life {space is limited!}. Early Early Bird rates are until the end of September. Fill out your application here. And yes, if you have questions you can respond to this email directly.


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