How to Handle Rejection as a Highly Sensitive Person

I haven’t shared this with many people yet, just close friends and family, 
but I have some big news 
(no I’m not pregnant, hehe).
For those of you who just met me, I am from New York originally but have been living in San Diego, California for about a year and a half now.
If you know anything about New York, you might know that it can be a really chaotic, busy, and competitive environment.
The truth is, I never really felt like I fit in, in New York.
I didn’t understand or accept my Highly Sensitive nature,
nor was this discussed anywhere to help me understand it.
Over the years, New York has become a symbol of fear for me.
This box that I could never quite be myself in, and always
seemed to be fighting upstream with.
Whether it was a fear of being judged for not being pretty enough, smart enough, not having enough money or enough education, or clothes or a car to call my own.
MY experience of NY was always one that favored more of the superficial things in life, with little depth, meaning, and acceptance of all types, sizes, shapes, and perspectives.
Being so focused on things that I never valued made
me feel like an outsider, 
especially since many of the people
I surrounded myself seemed to value
those things. I CRAVED deep meaningful conversation,
compassion, and 
inspiration to make this world a better place for all.
I always resented (and unconsciously feared) living in New York again, even though my family is there, who I really love so much.
I was scared that if I stayed there more than a month,
because I am so good at adjusting and assimilating,
I feared LOSING myself. Losing my inner light, my optimism,
my love for adventure and exploration. I feared losing my awareness, my strength, and so feared stepping back into the little HSP girl who didn’t know how to set boundaries, say no, say what I wanted, and confidently discern between who I would and would not share my time with.
It was as if my life was created out of default,
simply because I didn’t know myself.
I didn’t know my values, what was important to me, 
or what I wanted.
So when I was around really strong willed, strong minded people, yes, I would lose myself, and I felt like I was just another unconscious, unaware, fear-ridden walker on this earth, feeling hopeless, and not having a clue about what to do about it.
So when my partner brought the idea up of moving back to New York several months ago, at first, my high sensation seeker side thought it was a cool idea! But then…then the fears started creeping in, all the memories, the times I got sick 
(the weather had always kicked my butt),
the judgments, the stories of being left out and ignored
came up and literally slapped me in the face.
I had an intuitive sense that I would move back to New York again……at some point in my life…
But I didn’t think it would be so soon.
Am I ready for this?
Am I strong enough?
Will I be able to handle the harsh weather, the traffic,
and the aggressive people?
I always felt New York wasn’t the ideal place for a Highly Sensitive Person
(San Diego, by the way, is probably one of the best places…),
but is this just a limiting belief?
Is this just a fear?
Or is this the truth?
I love my family, and if I ever want to live near them again and even raise my future children around their grandparents and cousins, I knew I’d have to one day face my fears and do some major healing around this place I once called home.
So this is my next chapter: I am moving to New York.
As crazy as that sounds,
(a part of me feels like I am throwing myself into a lion’s den),
the other part of me, my high sensation seeker side,
is getting a bit excited for what’s to come.
As long as I stay in the mindset that I am capable of handling and facing any challenge that comes my way, then I will.
But if I forget that life is an adventure and challenges
are meant to help me grow, then I do indeed see myself entering into a deep dark depression, feeling really bad for myself and going back into the victim mindset of believing my fears are real.
I recently told a friend that I didn’t have any fears;
that I faced a lot of them and if I wanted to do something,
I would find a way to do it.
Well, let’s just say this is one fear has been hidden deep,
and I got really good at pretending like it didn’t exist.
“So is that the surprise Karina, you are moving to New York?”
Welllll, not entirely. There is more.
The real surprise is that my partner and I,
along with our two pups Bella and Rudy,
will be driving across the country from San Diego to New York
in December and I am going to be vlogging and blogging the entire trip.
So yes, this is going to be messy, and yes, it’s going to be raw.
But most importantly, it’s going to be real.
And if I’m going to preach authenticity, then I sure will find my own way to strengthen my ability to do so.
I want to practice speaking in the moment; 
letting my words flow.
And trusting that I will say exactly what is meant to be said in that moment.
To me, this cross country trip is all about Facing My Fears.
It’s all about finding the truth, the light, in the darkness,
and practicing Being Here Now so that I can Be Here Now
when I get to New York; the only ‘place’ (the now) where my light and personal power actually exist.
This is what I want to share with you,
so that together we can shine our lights and create
a ripple effect of change, even if its just a small one.
If you’d like to receive daily emails and updates from me,
along with a few surprises on how you can join me
in Facing Our Fears together while I’m on the road,
be sure to sign up here.

I don’t want to bombard your inbox with daily emails if you only asked for bi-weekly emails, so I’m thinking this will be the best way to do this.
Otherwise, you can ignore this email and I will continue to only share bi-weekly emails, probably with a list of all the videos I create on this trip in one so you can pick and choose which ones you watch and when.
This adventure will be for you if you have big dreams and visions for your life and the world, but often find yourself getting trapped in fear, self-judgment, fear of rejection, 
or fear of criticism.
If we commit to facing our fears together, and BEING BRAVE,
who knows what we can create?
Each of us has our own unique expression of life and how to
make this world a better place; now we just need to remove
those inner blocks of fear so that we can actually
take action to make that change.
And where is always the best place to start?
Yes, that's right; Ourselves.
Now we’re taking Gandhi's quote of "Being the Change You Wish to See" to a whole new level. Now we REALLY need to show up and stop pointing the finger, blaming, hiding, and not believing in ourselves.
We are the only ones holding us back from living in a more harmonious, peaceful, innovative world where we work together and empathy is common.
Now, as for this week’s video,
I’ll get us started with a video on Rejection; more specifically,
How to Handle Rejection as a Highly Sensitive Person
(one of my fears that I’ve done a lot of inner work on). Enjoy!
With love,
P.S. That’s Right! I am moving to New York. Join me on my vlogging adventure into the unknown as I face my fears and transition into this next chapter living in New York as a Highly Sensitive Person here. 
P.P.S. In the month of December I will be vlogging and sending emails/photos almost daily. I even have a few surprises on how you can join me in Facing Our Fears together while I’m on the road, but you’ll need to sign up to be a part of it. I’ll also be giving away a few special Christmas gifts of programs I haven’t share with anyone yet. Join the adventure here.


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