Video 2: How to Approach Your Fear of Being Judged & Misunderstood

So it happened. A small twinge...
a little bite in the side of my ego...
"She doesn't seem me..."

Reading this comment early in the morning before my trip,
right when I'm about to begin sharing with you things I don't share with
anyone outside of my immediate circle of connections...

I read this comment and I just can't get those words out of my head.
Consciously I am well aware that this girl doesn't resonate with me and my 'frequency' so she felt the need to make a judgment about it.

Yes, it was a small comment. But the energy behind it stuck around
like a small gnat that just wouldn't go away.

So naturally, instead of trying to push it away, what did I do?
I shined some light on it even more.
There's gotta be something here.

In today's video, I share how I approach a situation in which I am being
judged, mislabeled, misunderstood, or a strong opinion is made of me
that I don't resonate with.

Don't be fooled (or miss) the simplicity in the shift.
Because if you allow yourself to bring this technique into even a very confrontational and challenging conversation with someone who
sees the world with blinders on, it might be that very thing that allows
you to stay grounded and create space so that you can respond from
a place of love instead of reacting with fear.


With love,


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