Video 1: When Things Don't Go the Way You Expected Them to...


Hey! Thanks for joining me on my 
cross-country trip from San Diego to New York!

It's a big move for me...going back to where my journey first began...
and allowing myself to look at old fears, wounds, and stories
I used to believe as real and true
when I lived in New York as a young ugly duckling.

On this trip, I will be sharing in-the-moment insights,
questions for exploration, stories,
and my personal experiences of what I learn about myself in
'putting myself in the arena of life'.

I've learned that yes, life can be scary, but it's worth it to show up.

Here is me showing up as best as I can at this point on my journey.

If any of the videos resonate (speak) to you,
please like them, leave a comment
with your personal thoughts,
and share it with your favorite Highly Sensitive
friend or family member.

Thank you for 'seeing' me with love.

If you have any questions at any point on this journey
together, you can email
With that said, here is my first video...

If you haven't noticed,
the 'plans' we had on when we wanted to leave
and how I was going to navigate this vlog on the road
was not what I expected.

But doesn't life always have it this way?!
In my first video, I share what mindset keeps me grounded
when things don't 
seem to be going 'my way'...
aka the 'to plan'.

I'm warming up in front of the camera in this way,
please be kind to me! haha

And again, I'm glad to be sharing this journey with you. Talk soon.

With love,


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