Video 3: HSPs with Energy Drain

What I love about my partner is that he is SO good at mirroring back to me the things that are still a challenge for me.

For my eyes, HE is the king at,
"You should have...You could have..." statements.
"Why didn't YOU...blah blah blah."

It's always the same thing.
He makes a comment like this, I get triggered, frustrated,
and angry, and tell him to stop regretting,
trying to redo the past, and let ego suck our energy into what has
happened. This process is so very draining for me. 

Don't get me wrong, a good review of big moments and knowing what you can change for next time can be a positive thing.

But when my partner does this in (my opinion) very little,
menial details of life, I can't tell you how annoyed I become.
It is probably on my Top 5 Pet Peeve list.

This is indeed something I am aware of that I do too...
but when HE does it, I freak out. Why?
Well, my reason is that we entered into this partnership to teach
one another about our shadows and hidden patterns
that we deny we ever have.

Communication challenges are probably one of the biggest issues
couples face in their relationship. Words are so powerful that
it can evoke emotion, trigger limiting belief systems,
and thought patterns that can make something very small
into something very big. 

In this video, I share what to look out for in yourself
if you often find yourself with little energy and feeling drained...
and a few mindset shifts to help you 'call your energy back'.


With love,


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