Flustered & Overwhelmed? Make Sure You Are Doing This...

So I just got back from walking 5 dogs with my fiancé. 5? Yes 5.

That’s what happens when you live near family. Favors are asked, and naturally, you say yes.

We decide to walk to a foreclosed house down the block. Why? No reason at all. Just to give ourselves somewhere to walk to.

So we walked and we walked...
And we walked and we walked...
And we start to realize that this house was A LOT further than we anticipated.

Walking the 5 dogs started out as walking the five dogs...which then led to...
”let’s see that house...”
which then let to... >:0

Did you guess it?

After 3 attempts of trying to turn around, but deciding to continue on because “MAYBE, just MAYBE it was on the next block, the one past all the trees...”
Let’s just say, it was never on the next block.

After awhile, not only did both of us start to see this little adventure as not very fun, but so did the dogs.

They were more than tangled, MY shoulder hurt from one of the dogs that was walking ME, and when one bundle of dogs stopped, it stopped the entire flow of everyone, making both my fiancé and I say some not very nice things to each other.

What a mess, right? See how quickly something so ‘ fun’ could go south, simply because of expectation and constant disappointment?

This is but a very small example of what happens with our bigger goals in life.

We set a goal that we don’t feel too aligned with...You think, why not?
Can it really hurt?

Well, when you only half commit and then come up against disappointment after disappointment, it WILL only leave you feeling frustrated and even overwhelmed; especially when things don’t go the way you expected them to.

I will say...
Of course, it's never as bad you think it is especially when you take a step back; but when you’re in the moment,
and your hands are cold but you’re sweating under your jacket, being this uncomfortable as a HSP can make something small feel SO much bigger than it is.

Maybe even make you feel like you are going to crawl out of your skin?

Life goal or goal to walk to the house down the block.
They both have a similarity here.

So what do you do when you are angry, frustrated, flustered and overwhelmed with too much going on and it's not an option to throw a
tantrum like a two-year-old?
(Come on, I know you’ve done this or wanted to do it as an adult at least once...)

Do you...
*Blame someone and point the finger?
*Curse and say things you didn’t mean to say?
(especially my High Sensation Seeker Extroverts here)
*Have an attitude and your inner teenager kicks in?

Or are you present with yourself?
Do you take a step back to Connect to Yourself? Breathe, Surrender all the chaos, and Ask for some help from the energy of life that surrounds each of us in every single moment?

How would you rather be in this situation? Reacting to it? Or consciously responding to it? In this week’s video, (above) 
I share what I do to ‘ CREATE SPACE’ , so that when I show up for my day, I show up from a place of love, conscious responsiveness, and assertiveness in my relationships; and I don’t get trapped in a fear response, later feeling self-pity or guilt for the way I reacted.

**What do you do to Create Space in your life?

**What does it look like for you to live in that Space on a day-to-day, versus feel stressed, pressured, frustrated, and overwhelmed that there is too much going on and your emotions start doing that rollercoaster thing?

I’d love for you to respond to this blog post and answer these questions with me. Or, leave a comment below or on the video asking your questions about Creating Space at the beginning of your day.

Why be here with me if we won’ t connect? Let’s talk.

With love,

P.S. Open enrollment for the Synchronize Your Life Mentoring Program for Highly Sensitive People is active again! Curious about what you saw today? This is not even the tip of the iceberg. Reply to this blog here and tell me WHY you want to be a part of an aligned community of HSPs committed to their personal growth journey. If it makes sense then we can talk about getting an application started for you to see if this community is what you are looking for. Create direct link for underlined sentence to email me a response and to the application page on my website.


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