Do I Belong Here?

It’s been almost a month since I moved to New York, and I’m fighting every bone in my body to not listen to ego and the limiting beliefs that it repeatedly tells me throughout my day:

*I don’t belong here
*I’m different
*There won’t be anyone I will connect with here

Does this happen to you?

When you enter a space where there are a lot of old stories operating from your past, does that inner voice of yours turn dark and judgmental and you start to feel anxious?

Then to protect yourself, you isolate from the world, and start actually believing the limited perspectives that inner chatter is telling you?

This is how the majority of my January 2016 operated.

Those pesky fears just kept getting louder and louder until it took over my entire emotional system, screaming at me to protect, hide, and stay home every chance I had.

Despite all that I UNDERSTAND intellectually about not listening to this inner chatter, sometimes it just HAPPENS. And when it does...

What is it that gets me out of holes like this? How do I gain my strength back so I can listen to my voice of intuition instead of that voice of fear?

It’s something I call ‘ Connecting to My Source Within.’

In this week’s video, I share a few words about giving yourself permission to Step Back so you can connect with that Inner Source and bring bravery, groundedness, and playfulness into each and every interaction you have throughout your day; and not let fear and a small perspective hold you back from getting out in the world and shining that inner light.

Watch this week’s video above...


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