Meditation for Highly Sensitive People {Podcast}

Why is meditation important if you
are a Highly Sensitive Person?

Here are just 3 reasons...

1. You Are Easily Over-Stimulated.

Mindfulness Meditation

and other Energy Management practices can train your
subconscious mind to filter through the stimuli you receive
from your environment much more efficiently so that
overstimulation happens less and you feel less overwhelmed
and reactive to your environment. In turn, you will
start to feel more present, consciously responsive,
clear, and grounded in your interactions; enjoyable or challenging.

2. You Feel Deeply.

This is indeed one of our gifts!

But when you don't know how to operate the fancy body system
you were born with, it will likely break down and burn out if
you don't use it the way it was intended. I'm certain at
some point on your journey you've been emotionally
overwhelmed and didn't know how to balance the emotional
roller coaster, yes? I know I've struggled with this.
Well, CONSISTENTLY practicing mindfulness practices helps
you become more aware of what you are feeling SOONER
so that your emotions don't take you over, but rather,
allow you to shift earlier than later when your emotions
feel daunting, heavy, and out of control. Let's rein those
emotions in early, shall we? Meditation = Our Friend.

3. You Think Deeply.

Another gift of ours that allows us
to think outside of the box and utilize our inner world
(our imagination) that is expansive and creative.
Our depth in thinking and processing allows us to be open
to possibilities, be insightful, and create meaning out of this
(so it seems) flat life that we are living. But this strength turns
into a shortcoming when you use your mental system to go too
far down the rabbit hole of judgment and non-constrictive
thought processes. Instead, why not consciously choose what
you allow yourself to think and imagine? I can't tell you how
many times I used my deep thinking skills, my imagination,
to WORRY about potential false outcomes. I did this to try and
prevent myself from being hurt. However, worry does not
prevent you from failing or getting hurt, it only puts you in a
space of fear, activating your stress response, and actually
prevents your brain from problem-solving quickly and
efficiently in a time of need. Will you choose panic?
Or presence and assertiveness?

Meditation – 3
Worry/Fear/Ego – 0

Meditation helps with ALL of these and more!

Come and meditate with me.

Beginners are welcome, and of course, for those of you have
been doing this for awhile, it’s always a good idea to revisit
what you've already heard b/c one of the things many
highly sensitive people struggle with is CONSISTENCY.

Are you ready to work your Surrender Muscle?

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