Feel Unfulfilled in Your Relationships? (Tips for High Sensation Seeking, Highly Sensitive People)


"To experience TRUE connection,
you need to be okay with BEING vulnerable."

Here is what I've learned;
To feel a deep connection with others,
I need to be committed to living authentically myself.

I need to know myself, be aware of my feelings,
and practice sharing those feelings in a safe environment.

This takes practice.

And bravery.

It's entering the arena of life in full surrender mode
and knowing I am always speaking from truth.

And when I speak from truth,
knowing that nothing can hurt me.

Because in my most vulnerable space,
in true authenticity,
I am truly safe and protected.

It's when I wear masks, withhold information,
or avoid challenging conversations;
that is when I am not safe.

And yet, ego tells you that in order to feel safe, 
in order to protect yourself, you must wear the masks.

This is so backwards.
But ego tends to do that.

After living both sides of the coin,
it is all very clear to me now.

I will not go back to people pleasing
and saying what someone wants me to say,
just to receive their acceptance, love, or approval.

I will speak from truth and from love,
and I know that in doing so I will always be
led in the direction that is for the highest good for all.

And most of all, I will develop respect with those
I choose to be around.

Because what else is life for a person
with a top core value of Deep Connection
without truth, authenticity, and awareness of
how to be vulnerable in a way that works for her?

Couldn't imagine life any other way.
So glad I learned this important life skill.
Have you?

Until next time,

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