Want to Gain Control?


Frustration is the ultimate indicator that you are
trying to control something you have no control over.

If your jaw is tight, you grind your teeth at night,
or you have mysterious headaches,
check in and see if you feel powerless to a certain life situation.

Are you angry that you're not able to
change someone's mind about something?

Are you frustrated that something isn't
happening WHEN you want it to?

Do you have a grand vision about your life purpose
but then shut down when you ask yourself,
'HOW will I ever do this?'

If this is you, then you might have forgotten that...
"We are CO-Creators with the energy of life;
NOT SOLE-Creators..."

Since we are co-creators with the energy of life,
knowing what your job is and what the Universe's
job is very important.

One piece that isn't your job is determining WHEN
something will happen or come to be.

Because there is so much interconnectedness in this world
that you couldn't possibly keep track of the timing of
when something would be for your highest good
and others at all times.

(Clearly that's only a big enough job for the Universe.)

What IS your job?
To take action when opportunities present themselves...

And to do things differently when what you are doing
seems to keep bringing the same undesired results...

You must start where your feet are, with STEP ONE. 
Then go on to STEP 2; 
Not step one and then 10 and then 20.

Growing too quickly, as you may know,
will simply cause everything to fall down.

Anything that grows quickly
without a strong foundation,
will fall just as quickly.

So let go of complaining/feeling bad about WHEN
something will happen, 
and ask yourself,
"What is my next step?"

With love,

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