Why Your Energy Gets Depleted as a HSP…

Why is it so common for Highly Sensitive People to feel burnt out,
be diagnosed with adrenal fatigue, and go through waves of low energy that's low life down in undesirable ways?
In this week’s video
I share more about a concept I teach
in the Synchronize Your Life Mentoring Program.
Before creating this concept, I would get stuck in patterns of
 burn out 
and not understand why certain people and environments drained me so much.
Many times, it isn’t an option to do a relationship detox,
as I’ve seen and heard others talk about.

What about family members, kids?
What about your husband, wife, or partner who you love dearly,
is a good person, and you want to grow old with?

What about co-workers or team members you didn't hire?
What then?
You can’t just ‘detox’ EVERYONE out of your life!
So what do you do instead?
How do you find a way to thrive and feel connected, motivated,
and in flow consistently, even when you’re still
committed to relationships 
and environments that
contribute to you feeling drained?
After watching this week’s video, if it was exactly what you needed to hear, can you share this blog to your favorite Highly Sensitive friend or family member? Someone who is highly empathic, loves adventure, but often gets stuck in
cycles of 
burn out?
Enjoy! And thank you <3
With love,

P.S. Want to learn more about the Synchronize Your Life Mentoring Program for High Sensation Seeking HSPs? Fill out an application here if you feel called to mastermind, learn with, and do the deeper work in a safe space with others like you.


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Beau Kenniff
Beau Kenniff
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