Ever try to get rid of your ego?

Ever try to get rid of your ego?
Were you successful?
Yeah, I didn’t think so.
Watch This Week’s Video:
Why were you born with an ego if you weren’t meant to have one?
Is it possible to have a ‘healthy ego’?
In today’s video
I talk about the one thing that
helps balance your ego; AWARENESS.
Depending on who you’re talking to,
ego can mean different things to different people.
The one I’m referring to here is from Psychology,
where your ego is your sense of self.
The thing that makes you unique,
that if not integrated properly,
could cause you to not know who you are,
what you stand for, or what your strengths are.
Highly Sensitive People often need EGO DEVELOPMENT,
rather than EGO SHAMING.
“No wonder I feel so disconnected from myself and others…”
“No wonder I don’t feel I’m ‘enough’.”
“No wonder I spend so much energy trying to fit into ‘boxes’ created by someone else…”

Any of this sound like what you’re experiencing?
Curious to learn how to develop your ego in a healthy way?

Whenever you’re ready.
The Synchronize Your Life Community & myself
are here.
With love,

P.S. Want to learn more about the Synchronize Your Life Mentoring Program for High Sensation Seeking HSPs? Fill out an application here if you feel called to mastermind, learn with, and do the deeper work in a safe space with others like you.


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