Could This Be Why You’re Exhausted? (for High Sensation Seeking, Highly Sensitive People)


A quote jumped out at me when I was reading
Debbie Ford’s book, “The Dark Side of the Light Chasers.”

She said...
“You exhaust yourself of your natural resources
when you try NOT to be something.”

Wait, whaaat??
This sounds important.
Let me read that again.
My intuition told me to listen up,
especially because adrenal fatigue is something
MANY HSPs experience.

So all those years when
I tried to not be the very thing I judged in others…
who knew it was expending so much of my
energy avoiding not BE-ing it?

As Highly Sensitive People, we FEEL things deeply.

So when someone is mean, bitchy, selfish, demanding,
or ___(insert word you would never want to be called)___,
it probably makes the most sense to not be like them.

But when you deny and judge these shadow parts of yourself
(yes, you too have the potential to be mean, bitchy, and selfish),
then you are blind to receive the gifts these 'shadow personalities' bring.

{“But Karina, how could being mean, bitchy,
or selfish ever be a good thing?”}

The key takeaway here is this;
There are strengths AND shadows to EVERY state of being.
But when you judge the ‘negative’ states of being, then you miss out
on the gifts they are here to provide you.

Wondering what shadows are keeping you
in a state of emotional survival mode?

Curious to dive in and explore which states of BE-ing
are connected to your constant state of exhaustion and fatigue?

I have a special exercise I created for this EXACT scenario.

Book Your Session by Friday, April 14, 2017 to receive this exercise and step-by-step guidance on how you can access the deeper wisdom, gifts, inner strength, and empowerment that these ‘shadows’ have to offer.

With love,



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