How to Recover From Being a People Pleaser (for Highly Sensitive People)

People pleasing comes as second nature to many
Empathic Highly Sensitive People.

Why? Because you're really good at observing
the people and interactions in your environment
and making the necessary changes so peace and order
are restored.

All you want to peace and harmony,
so what goes wrong when it switches over into
people pleasing behavior?

When I want to become aware if what I'm doing
is people pleasing in nature, 

I ask myself these 2 questions as a check-in:

*Did I say yes to something SOLEY for external reasons?
(Aka to make more money, Because its what 'they' wanted,
To make ____ happy, etc.)

*Or, am I saying yes to doing something
because it feels in alignment with my Core Values?

(For me that means checking in with my top core values of;
Awareness Expansion, Deep Connection, Adventure,
Sustainability/Minimalism, Empowerment)

This week's video is all about
how to recover from being a people pleaser.

Whether you are unconsciously in the thrust of it
or READY to make changes, either way, today's tips will
help you break the cycle at any point. 

If you're an avid people pleaser, APPLY HERE to learn how to
experience peace & harmony without burning yourself out.


With love,

P.S. My top Core Values are:
*Awareness Expansion
*Deep Connection

What are yours? Do we share any similarities?

I'd love to hear from you; Email me here 
and share your top Core Values.


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