Life in Flow for High Sensation Seeking, Highly Sensitive People

You don't want to miss this.

A question that could turn your life in a new direction;
What do you want?

Asking myself this question has changed my life in so many ways
and at so many different points in my life.

It's what has lifted me from states of depression,
ended completely misaligned relationships,
and allowed me to commit to serving and contributing
to this world in a bigger, more meaningful way.

What do I want?
What do I want?
What do I want?

Being completely raw and open here, this past year
when I moved to New York 
something switched inside of me.
Something that avoided, refused, and

completely resisted saying what I wanted.

All I could think of was...
"Why bother saying what I want? It's not gonna happen anyway."

"I can't want that. It doesn't make sense for where I am right now.
I don't see HOW it is possible."

"Whatever, I can't afford it anyway."

This little voice; often SO quiet, slowly dismantled
the way of living 
that kept me present, alive, and in flow
in the some of the most satisfying times in my life.

Over these last 5 years of being a Life Coach
and receiving Life Coaching from my mentors,
the connecting thread that often determined the level of flow,
enjoyment, satisfaction, and joy in my life was having clarity on
this important question:

What do I want?


What do I want that I am not giving myself permission to want because of ___fill in the blank___?

This breakthrough moment of becoming aware of ALL the reasons why
I've been 'lowering the bar' and acknowledging how IMPORTANT it is
to say what I want regardless of what so and so wants;

regardless of having the money to do it;
regardless of whether it is or is not the right time;
regardless of whether or not I will even have the time to do it...

The more I believed the subtle thoughts above, the less I dreamed;
the less I gave myself permission to say what I wanted
and the less I stepped out in the world to be brave and 
take consistent steps to BE the CHANGE I wish to see.

I write these words as a powerful reminder to WAKE UP.
To give yourself permission to dream, to intend, to create, and to LIVE.

Because why else are we here?

What other reason have we come to this Earth if its not to
explore, learn, grow, and learn about ourselves in even more deeper ways?

This is important to me.
If it is important to you too, keep reading.

It's time to wake up. It's time to dream again.
And its time to bring those dreams into physical form.
See you there.

If you resonated with my words in today's blog
and you feel a strong nudge to get CLEAR on what you want, 
I invite you to respond to email me here to schedule a
60-Minute Complimentary Clarity Session.

This Clarity Session is for you if
you have been feeling all over the place,
you've been spreading yourself thin by focusing too much
on the needs of others, 
and you've always had a strong desire to give back to the world
in a meaningful way (you just don't know how or get confused
about where to start).

Email me here and say;
"Karina I'd like to schedule a
60-Minute Clarity Session with you." 

It's time to own what you want. I'd be honored to meet with you
in a safe and sacred space to hear your heart's dreams
so they can begin to come to life.

Speak soon,



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