Honoring the Season You Are In (for High Sensation Seeking, Highly Sensitive People)

What season of life are you in?
Are you wondering why its spring, almost summer
and you feel
depressed or apathetic?

Wonder why you feel dark and filled with doubt, fear, and confusion?
Ahh, the lovely winter season of life. The time to go within, ask questions,
uncover the layers of your shadow side, and get triggered by everything
you don’t want. Have you noticed the seasons of life pass through your life
in cycles, just in the same way it comes and goes every year? 

2016 was a year of winter for me.
A year of confusion, stuckness, and being planted, deep into the Earth.

Are you embracing the season you are in right now?
Or are you shaming yourself for where you are?

Are you feeling confused, doubtful, and stuck with fear? 
What stories are you telling yourself about the season you are in?
Does it feel light and inspiring?

What stories lurk in the background, even if you are on the uprise?
Ex: “This won’t last forever. You don’t really deserve this.
Don’t be full of yourself, you’ll loose this one too.”

Any of these sound familiar? 
What are you doing about these thoughts?
Pretending they aren’t there?
Overriding them with pleasurable distractions?

What happens when they aren’t acknowledged?
Do they get louder until you start self-sabotaging? 

No matter which season you are in right now, I remind you to ‘go within’.
Be aware of the doubts, fears, and times when you get confused.
Don’t let it spiral out, but rather reign it in now.

Don’t let it take power and keep growing.
Address it. Listen to it.
And receive its lesson.
It is here for a reason.

--- --- ---

Feeling stuck, confused, and unsure about

what your next steps are in life, work, relationships?

I have 1 more spot open this month for a Clarity Session.
In this session you’ll get to explore the deeper layers of what you truly want
(and perhaps not giving yourself permission to want).

Why? Because if you don’t know what you want then it will be very hard
to move forward in ANY direction.

Complete your Clarity Session Assessment here to get clear on what that is. Looking forward to connecting and hearing about what your heart is calling your to step into next.

With love,

P.S. I only have 1 more spot on my calendar this month for a 60-Minute Clarity Session. If you got a butterfly in your stomach while reading this or an expansive feeling in your heart, then this is for YOU. Fill out the Clarity Session Assessment to start the process of getting CLEAR.


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