The Feel Lighter in 21-Days Experiment (for Aspiring Highly Sensitive Leaders)

The Feel Lighter in 21-Days Experiment
Day 1: Make a Decision.
What decision are you currently resisting to make?
Are you aware that avoiding making a decision can feel
SOOOO heavy on the heart? It can even give you headaches and
make your stomach turn in knots. Has this been your experience?
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--- --- --- 
Day 2: Set a Boundary.

Where are your boundaries fuzzy?
Are you saying yes to things that should be a no?
Are you saying no to things that would serve your
growth and development to bring you forward in life?
Today's topic is ALL about the line your draw
(or don't draw) in life and how to effectively create them
as a Highly Sensitive Person.
Want to watch the videos live and engage in Q&A?
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A Place for Highly Sensitive People:
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--- --- --- 

Day 3: Use Your Voice.

Your voice is your frequency; your vibration. And when you make assumptions, you shut your frequency down; you turn off your radio broadcasting station.

Today's experiment is to practice using your voice. Leave a comment below and tell me how you recently used your voice or want to use your voice more moving forward.

--- --- --- 

Day 4: Lean In.

What are you avoiding? The more you run, the heavier it gets. Whether its a physical ailment, an emotional hurt, or a mental belief stopping you from moving forward; it's almost impossible to feel LIGHT when you avoid that which needs the most attention right now.

Share in the comments below something you are avoiding or running from and listen in as I share strategies for lightening the internal load in a way that feels fun and playful as a Highly Sensitive Person who experiences the world deeply and intensely.

--- --- --- 

Day 5: Go into Nature.

This is so important when it comes to Feeling Lighter that it got its own day in the experiment. Everything seems to come together when you go into nature. You remember who you really are. Your thoughts become more clear, and your cells literally become at ease from the ions Mother Nature exudes.

Where is your favorite nature spot? Leave a comment below...and if you're here with me live, listen in as I share mine.

--- --- --- 

Day 6: Practice Forgiving.

Want to know one of the most powerful tools you can implement in your life RIGHT NOW and Feel Lighter? Forgiveness. When you're a life-long seeker like me and have goals to save the world, it's easy to beat up on yourself that you aren't there yet. Whether it's time to forgive yourself OR someone else for 'treating you a certain way,' today, experiment with Practicing Forgiveness.

If this feels like a challenge for you, tune into today's video with me as I share my experience with Practicing Forgiveness and how you can do it in a way that doesn't disconnect you from your integrity.

--- --- --- 

Day 7: Learn Emotional Freedom Techniques. 

Techniques (aka EFT or tapping) is by far one of the most profound practices I've learned on my journey that has never failed to help me Feel Lighter. Today I will share how to use it with the example of DOUBT, bringing it from an 8 to a 2 in less than 10 minutes.

Listen in as I share how to use this practice right at home to transform ANY doubts so you can Feel Lighter, and receive clarity on your next best steps moving forward. See you there!

Ho'oponopono Youtube Video to listen to as you practice the 4 EFT tapping points:


--- --- --- 

Day 8: Check Your Ego.

Who’s in the driver’s seat of your life? Ego or Awareness? Do you know the difference between the two? Why do you have an ego? What is its benefit? How does it hold you back? And what can you do when your ego is literally putting every internal roadblock in your path to prevent you from moving closer towards what you want?

If you’re feeling heavy it is likely that ego energy is present. Watch today’s video as I share more about the root of these heavy feelings you carry around and why we are on this journey to Feel Lighter to begin with.

To join the conversation; share in the comments below one thing you are resisting right now. Your level of awareness around this will be a great indicator for how stuck or in flow you are. Enjoy!

--- --- --- 

Day 9: Be Where Your Feet Are.

On my journey, I’ve been blessed to have amazing coaches, mentors, and guides help me stay on track and guide me back to my true self. One coach in particular always said to me, “Be where your feet are.” When I remember this, I’d literally look at my feet and see what was around me. Am I being attacked by a ravenous lion? NO. Is someone holding me at gunpoint? NO. Then there is no reason why I can’t take the next step to bring my vision to life. NO REASON.

Today I am reminded that in order to FEEL LIGHT, I must come back to where my feet are. B/c my inner light, my inner guidance system ONLY exists in this moment; not in the future of what has yet to come and not in the past of already happened. Here. Now. Where my feet are.

See you in the video ♥

--- --- --- 

Day 10: Be Seen.

Ever feel like hiding? Like crawling up in the fetal position under a blanket and never come out? Sometimes when the world feels too heavy and I start telling myself, “Who cares anyway?” that’s when I know it's time to Be Seen.

Today was one of those days. I almost didn’t want to show up today. But I did. Why? Because when I do I always Feel Lighter afterward.

So I am here. I am showing up. I am Being Seen. And today I’ll share a bit about what’s going on under the surface for me so if you are feeling heavy about something, perhaps it can encourage you to come out of hiding and Be Seen too. Because this world and your life won’t be any different if you stay in hiding and tell yourself “No one cares anyway. There is no point.” There is a point. And it does matter.

Join me today in Being Seen in the A Place for Highly Sensitive People Facebook Group;

--- --- --- 

Day 11: Just BE. 

In a world that judges your level of success based on how much you DO, today's experiment is to JUST BE. What happens when everything starts to slow down? Do you notice more subtleties? Do you notice new sounds and smells, that at another time, you might have not even been aware of? Or do you feel uncomfortable, anxious even, when you simply slow down and just be with yourself? This is the difference between a HSP who experiences all that life has to offer versus a HSP who is overstimulated. 

Who are you when you are not DO-ing? And who might you be if you were someone who allowed her/him self to Just Be? What would your relationships be like? What would your financial state be like? What would your level of life satisfaction feel like? Hmmm...

Today's experiment is to start practicing Just Being. No masks. No to do lists. No agenda. No pressure. No activity. Just. You. What is one thing you can take off of your calendar or 'unsaid obligation list' so you can Feel Lighter? Leave a comment below sharing what you are ready to let go of so you can Just Be and Feel Lighter.

--- --- --- 

Day 12: Go Within.

Is it challenging for you to make decisions? Do you ever wonder why you're not happy and satisfied with where things in your life are? It's the High Sensation Seeker's "Curse" to find happiness outside of him or her self.

Changing jobs. Changing intimate relationships. Changing where you live. Changing your hair, your clothes. Changing your friends. And yet, you still feel like you are not enough. Even the most financially successful people in the world seem to get stuck in the 'not enough' loop. On the outside, they seem to have everything. Everything but - Joy. Peace. Self-love.

What is missing in the equation here? Join me and find out in today's experiment.

--- --- --- 

Day 13: Break Pattern. 

The first time I heard these words used together in the same sentence was in a college elective class called Education of Self. The second time I heard it was at a business seminar with my business coach in 2012. And each time this activity was brought into my life, it reminded me of an important lesson. Break the pattern. Break the cycle. Change directions. Go another way. Say it differently. Doing this creates new neural pathways in the brain.

Here's how your mind works. The more you have the same thought, the stronger that neural pathway gets. The brain doesn't care if you tell yourself over and over, I'm not ______ enough, or if you consistently have the thought that everything I need in life will always be taken care of. The brain works for you without a say in the matter. It is you who gets to decide if you will continue the same thought and behavioral patterns or break the pattern and do things differently. You. Only you.

Today, experiment with breaking pattern. Take another road to work. Wear a new outfit combination. Do your hair differently. Wear makeup. Don't wear makeup. Course correct a thought that tells you you have nothing valuable to offer. Expand your mind and open yourself up to new possibilities that you never before realized existed. And most importantly, have fun.

--- --- --- 

Day 14: Make it Fun.

Ever feel like you want to do something but you're feeling tired? Heavy? Anything but light and chipper? Back in 2010 I went to Hawaii for 3 months with Frank for the first time. It was the most epic, crazy, fun, scary, and brave thing we ever did together. We literally bought a ticket to Honolulu with no plans and figured out everything as we went along. We fought, we laughed, we had so many new experiences together, and yes, we almost died (not joking).

When it was time to come home, that's when the depression set it. It was January on Long Island (New York), smack in the middle of winter, Frank left for Vet School, I moved into my parents' basement, and I didn't have any friends. How could I go from one of the most amazing experiences of my life to be hit with this sudden new reality of feeling like I had nothing? No job. No clue how to start my new Health Coaching business. And no clarity. I felt like I hit rock bottom and had no idea where to begin.

One day - I remember it so vividly - my Father came down into the basement (P.S. My Father never went up or down stairs unless it was serious. He injured his foot when I was in middle school so I assume it felt like too much work to make the trip.) But on this day he came downstairs. I was under my covers, in an almost dark basement room in the middle of the day, staring at my computer, when he told me these words, "Karina, I don't like seeing you like this. I never thought I'd have to say this to you but it's not good to lay in bed in the basement all day. It will make you depressed. Go out and make some friends."

Hearing these words come from my Father's mouth felt almost shocking. Which is why I think I remember it so vividly. He saw me. I wasn't invisible. He showed me compassion. And he was giving me genuine guidance that would serve my highest good. I told him thank you and sat with his words. What happened next changed the course of that period of depression and piece by piece I started to come out of my shell again.

Join me in today's video to listen in as I share how to Feel Lighter on days, weeks, months like this. No judgment. It happens to the best of us. But here's how I'm able to get myself out of most dark holes I dig for myself. See you there.

--- --- --- 

Day 15: Dance Like No One is Watching.

You think I’d let this entire experiment go by without bringing us into our body in the form of dance? Yep no. I think I just resisted it thus far because a part of me was a bit freaked out dancing on screen. But then I realized it was more than some nerves. I actually can't play music while streaming live (copyright infringement) and dance with you all!

Either way, dancing always makes me Feel Lighter, so here are 3 of my favorite songs. 3 songs at some point in my life I'd cry to, hum in my sleep, and would bring so much joy, peace, and gratitude into my heart. You can listen to any of these songs on YouTube. Enjoy! And post your favorite songs to dance to. I need some inspiration. All kinds are welcome. ????

Wake me up by Aviici
River Flows in You by Yiruma
Ocean by John Butler Trio

“Those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” –Friedrich Nietzsche

This quote always reminds me of the sensitive people of our world; seemingly touched by anything that vibrates.

--- --- --- 

Day 16: Remember the Mirror.

There is a perpetual story that seeps through the minds of a large majority people; I'm not enough. Everyday it can be a new story of a new thing you are not enough at or good enough for. Even today I saw myself admiring photos of an old friend and I started to feel anxious. Why was my chest getting tight? Why did I feel the need to slouch in my chair? Why was my jaw clenching up? Your body tells you when your thoughts aren't in alignment with your true nature. It tells you in the form of body pains, aches, chronic illness, and a decreased ability to use your body's most basic functions properly; your voice, your stomach, your legs...

Everyone has felt this at some point or another. Whether you are bombarded with social media on a daily basis or simply leave your house. There will always be someone you think is prettier than you, braver than you, more successful than you, smarter than you, or skinnier than you. It's the comparison game; ego's favorite.

Join me in today's video as I introduce today's experiment on Remembering the Mirror. Some of you know exactly what this means; if this is you, here is a reminder to check yourself. If you have no idea what I'm taking about, listen in and see you there.

--- --- --- 

Day 17: Tell a New Story.

I get it. Life happens. Sometimes you manifest the shit out of your greatest desires and other times life gives you lemons (which disappointingly are sour and rotten). You can’t just throw those memories out, so what do you do with them?

Today's experiment reminds you that you have a choice. You have a choice about how you will tell the story. EVERYTHING in this world can be perceived through hundreds (thousands?) different perspectives and approaches. There might even be a different story/perspective for each person on this earth.

The ego mind likes to make you think there is only one story to tell. The story of FACT. The story of what happened and therefore, the one and only interpretation of the meaning of that story. Heh. Yeh, okay.

Whether you are addicted, have been raped, emotionally abused, betrayed, abandoned, humiliated, or _________ (that’s for you to fill in the blank), first of all, remember, you’re not the first one to experience this. And second, you STILL get to Tell a New Story. You can tell the story in the way someone else told it or society tells it (from a place of shame), or you can turn ANY pile of sh*t into pure gold.

One of my personal strengths is that I am a Life Alchemist. I’m pretty darn good at turning ANY story or life experience into a learning opportunity for growth. That can either annoy the hell out of you (because I will forever challenge you to expand your awareness and see another perspective) or allow it to empower you. Empower you to own your life and be the writer of your story.

What is the story you keep telling yourself? Today, I invite you to EXPERIMENT (yes, experiment) with Telling a NEW Story. Watch today’s video and I’ll show you how. In the comments below, share 1 story you need to change. Sharing it shines the light on it so it can shift. When it's in the darkness, it stays in the darkness.

--- --- --- 

Day 18: Count to Three.

1…2…3…Go. Today’s experiment is to practice counting to three when you find yourself stuck and unable to move due to fear, confusion, or apathy. On days I feel SO heavy energetically and just don’t want to move or get out of bed, but I KNOW that once I do I will feel so much better, I count to three and then just do it. Scared to jump on a live camera? Count to 3. Scared to say yes to something you know will be great for you? Count to 3. Feeling lazy and tired and you don’t want to exercise or start your day? Count to 3. I can go on and on. Today, focus on counting to three and then in the comments below, share how you use it. See what happens when you count to 3 and then just do it. All I can say is that when you stop complaining and you start to take action, life might, just, change. For the better of course ;)

--- --- --- 

Day 19: Ask Bigger Questions.

Let’s play a game. Which questions do you think will help you feel lighter? “What’s wrong with me? How’s that gonna happen? Why do I feel this way?” OR “What’s the lesson here? How can I see this in another way? What’s my next step?” As you re-read these questions, feel their energy. Do they make you feel more expansive and ‘zoom out’ to see a bigger perspective or do they make you feel small, contractive, and cause you to ‘zoom in’ to insignificant details/information? Which feels lighter? Heavier? Today’s experiment is to Ask Bigger Questions. Because the small questions will only ever cause you to feel stuck, insecure, shameful, doubtful, in a state of overwhelm, and trigger fear.

Let’s continue this game. In the comments below, share some of the questions you often find yourself swirling around in your head so our community can guess which ones are small questions and which ones are BIG Questions, and why that is so. Let’s experiment together! And GO :D

--- --- --- 

Day 20. Grow From Where You Are.

Today’s experiment is for you if you often feel frustrated, disappointed, or angry that you are not ‘there yet’. If you’re a goal setting dreamer like me, there will be points on your journey when you look ahead at all the work that still needs to be done, and just feel so, darn, heavy. It may almost turn into dread, feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders, overwhelmed with responsibility and the slow progress of change. For my High Sensation Seekers who want IT to be here NOW and find yourself impatient and almost disconnected from the growth process, this is the time to create space for appreciation, to assess where you’ve come thus far, and Grow From Where You Are. In today’s experiment, welcome this shift; instead of seeing ‘the journey’ as one marathon after the next, instead bring to mind the ‘spiral staircase’.

Listen in as I share more about the spiral staircase perspective so you can continue to grow from where you are, rather than get stuck with the heaviness and burden of not being ‘there’ yet.

--- --- --- 


 How do I sum up such a powerful concept in just a few sentences? Oh, that’s right, I drop into my heart and let her speak. Do you get just as overwhelmed as I when you look at the bigger picture of our world? All the people who are hungry, without clean water, the animals being poorly treated, the water being polluted, the earth being cracked open for oil reserves that will quickly run dry? Do you feel angry at the way the visionaries that came before chose to use their vision for greed, wealth, and power? I once believed that if I were to have a lot of money, if I were to have a lot of power, I would turn into a person I didn’t want to be. I believed that it was money, it was power, it was attention that would taint my spirit and burn a hole in my heart. But what I know now is that I am not narcissistic for committing myself to a movement greater than myself. I am not selfish for wanting to spread awareness, inspire, teach, and collaborate. And I will not be a cold-hearted bitch if I have money and power. This, I feared more than anything.

So why would I step up as a leader? Why would I fully commit to BEING the CHANGE and endlessly bring forth efforts to impact the world in the way my heart was calling me to step forward if that’s what my experience would be? I laugh now, having the awareness that all of this fear is B.S. All stories my ego feeds me to keep me from growing, from expanding, to sharing myself with the world, and closing my internal channel to the inner guidance on how to REALLY make things happen. Not just manifest a new home or an amazing puppy (although those things are absolutely wonderful to have), but going further, beyond myself, and committing to what the WORLD needs, rather than just what I need.

Today’s experiment is to COMMIT to endlessly Being the Change. Endlessly COMMIT to shifting your inner ‘world’ so you can see an outer shift. And endlessly COMMIT to leading from your heart, your internal guidance system, love; rather than your mind, fear, ego, and apathy. Experiment with this. And keep coming back to this experiment. It was ALWAYS be here for you. Why? Because it's truth. It's what keeps this world going. It's love. Experiment on ways you can continue to Be the Change with your relationship to yourself, in your relationship to others, in work settings, and in your community. All you need is an ounce of willingness to Be the Change and from there, a whole new world can be created. Listen in as I share how you can get started. I’m feeling quite passionate about today’s experiment, if you can’t tell…


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