Feeling Stuck? Here is a Way Out (for High Sensation Seeking Highly Sensitive People)


A few days ago,
while exploring the depths of my Highly Sensitive imagination, 
an image came to me.

It was me in a glass house.

The water was rising and the space I had to move and breathe
was slowly decreasing.

At first, I only occasionally tried to find a way up; find a way out.
But b/c I still felt I had time in the space and hoped the water would stop rising,
I stayed in the glass house and didn't budge from my seat.

For some, this might sound like a nightmare.
For others, this is everyday life and they've learned to live with
these anxiety producing feelings everyday. 

The thing is, so many HSPs get comfortable in the space they are in;
fearing the unknown of what will be on the other side of a door or up a stairwell,
that you may never explore the pockets of expansion until its too late.

Some are diligent in their pursuit to find 'new space' to expand into,
and others become stuck; paralyzed with fear as time dwindles.

Many drown from apathy, depression, fear, and confusion.

And then there are those who stay open to the possibilities
and persevere to find the path, route, or opening that will allow them
the peace they've been praying for.

Which path are you currently choosing?
(No right, no wrong, no judgment here;
be real with yourself and know you can always
choose differently right now.)

Ready to do things differently and find the opening,
the space that will give you the clarity to take that next step?

I have 3 spots open in August for a Complimentary Clarity Session.
Click Here for the Clarity Session Form and
Submit by 11:59pm Monday July 31st, 2017
to receive this offer.

{Once I receive your completed form I will respond
with days and times available to book your complimentary session.}

In this session we'll explore a powerful guided meditation
tapping you into a deeper version of you, getting clear on
what you want to create, be, explore next.

We will also explore all the blocks that are preventing you from
living, being, experiencing that vision right now and you'll
receive clarity on your next step to start to bring that vision to life.

Looking forward to exploring all the possibilities available to you right now.

Talk soon.

With love,

P.S. I have 3 open spots on my calendar in August for a Complimentary 60-Minute Clarity Session. If you've been wanting to connect further to receive support fill out the Clarity Session Form Here by Monday July 31st. Looking forward to connecting with you one on one :)


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