How to Not Feel Guilty When Ending Toxic Relationships (for Empathic Highly Sensitive People)


Boundaries have been a hot topic in the
Synchronize Your Life Relationship & Leadership
Development Mastermind Program
this week so today's video speaks exactly to that;
setting boundaries and how to not feel guilty when doing so.
As an Empathic HSP, it was always so hard telling people No.
And when I did, it was always paired with a layer of guilt;
feeling bad for 'hurting' the other person in some way.

And because I feel what others feel, I would carry around
that hurt and tailspin myself into a cycle of self-criticism
until all the energy was drained from me.
Then later, I learned that if I wanted to be a leader in my life
and step up to take personal responsibility for my life satisfaction,
it was highly necessary that I learned how to be ok with saying no,
setting boundaries, and end relationships without the heartache.

Over the years of going within and doing the inner work,
I saw that the less energy I put towards these relationships
that were ready to end, the sooner I could put myself
out there again and be of service to more people through my work.

But the longer I ruminated and criticized myself about
the relationships that didn't work out (personal or potential clients),
the slower my ability to create new content consistently and
be ready to receive the next connection who was ready for me.
Whether you are just starting out learning about
your Highly Sensitive trait or you're an aspiring Highly Sensitive Leader,
ready to help make this world a better place, you will be confronted
with people who will test your boundaries and the emotion
that comes with setting those boundaries.

If this feels like a challenge right now,
let's connect for a 1:1 Complimentary Clarity Session.

By the end of our call, you'll receive clarity on what your
next best steps will be moving forward around how to
set better boundaries with yourself, your loved ones,
your work, and your time.

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