Are Highly Sensitive People More Susceptible to Holding Onto Grudges?

When was the last time someone made a snide remark at you, 
totally offending you, but because you don't want to cause
confrontation, you 'let it go'? 

But then actually, you don't let it go because it struck a cord in you 
so deep that it causing you to anxiously think about them, 
their wrongdoing, and what a terrible person they are.

Has anyone recently, whether it's your intimate partner, 
a family member, a friend, or a coworker did something that 
completely threw you over the edge and it's left you fuming 
with anger every time you think of them?

If this sounds like something you experienced before or recently 
(let's not kid...this happens all the time), consider how you would react;
and how it affects you for days, weeks, maybe months on end.

Then, watch today's video below because we are going to talk about 
what you can do to find peace in situations such as this.

With love,
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