The Synchronize Your Life Mentoring Program
for Highly Sensitive People Application

The application process was intentionally designed to support you, a Highly Sensitive Person, in making an empowering decision to invest in your personal self-growth and development to experience a lasting transformation. I've been where you are and I too have received a lot of support and guidance to be able to share my knowledge with you. Please keep in mind, the Coaching & Mentoring style I practice is not traditional counseling. As a HSP Coach and Mentor, I support you in getting clear about your life goals, strengthening your inner voice and connection to your intuition, and I often teach by sharing real life examples of challenges I’ve faced and my experience in moving through them. Please be mindful of this as you do your research in seeking support on your personal growth journey.

There is no fee to complete this application form or to go through this process with me.
It does not however, involve free coaching, short-term advice, or is an invitation to speak casually about
becoming friends. Instead, it’ll allow us to connect on a deep level to see if you’ll be an energetic match
to become a member in the Synchronize Your Life Mentoring Program Community.

This process involves 2 calls and a homework exercise in between.
{P.S. There is no attachment if you decide the program is not for you at any point in this process.}
The application process is outlined below so you can feel safe and clear about what to expect.

1. Complete the form below. This is not a test and there are no right or wrong answers. Listen deeply to the answers that emerge from within and let it pour out as needed without judgment. I will be the only one reviewing this form and all information will be kept confidential. Please send to
2. Once submitted, I’ll review your form and respond within 48-hours.  It is my highest intention to be clear and honest from the start if I sense more clarity is needed before joining the community. It’s important you’re clear about your challenges and what you want to shift/change/work on before scheduling the 60-minute Clarity Session with me. So if needed, I’ll ask follow-up questions via email to help us both be clear. This way, when we connect for our 1:1 call we’ll able to go deeper, rather than simply skim the surface. Once I feel clear about what your challenges are and what you’d like to shift, then I’ll send you dates and times to schedule this call. The first call is approximately 60 minutes in duration. Once scheduled, I’ll send you a confirmation email with directions on how to prepare for our time together. This is when we’ll decide if our call will be held via phone, FaceTime, or Skype.

3. On our first call together, we’ll go more in depth around your struggles as a HSP who wants to live their optimal life, what positive changes you hope to experience, and any of the roadblocks getting in the way of you stepping into that vision with ease and flow. If we both have a sense that we’re meant to work together, we’ll continue with the process and I’ll share a valuable exercise for you to complete before the Follow-Up call. At this point, we will schedule this call right away and I will explain the next steps moving forward from there.

Please note: The Synchronize Your Life programs and Complimentary Application Process are offered to Highly Sensitive People who truly committed to bringing about lasting, positive transformation and learning about how to use your Highly Sensitive traits in a positive way. If you have any questions before, during, or after completing the application, 
please email me at Thank you!

Please download the HSP Application Here 
and email to

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