2nd Annual Relationship & Leadership Development
Retreat for Highly Sensitive People

The 2018 Synchronize Your Life Relationship & Leadership Development Retreat for Highly Sensitive People

When: Friday October 19th – Monday October 22nd, 2018

Where: Rosendale, New York at the Sky Lake Lodge

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This year's retreat focus will be an intensive on developing your relationship with your inner voice and intuition as a Highly Sensitive Person. Whether you believe you have access to your intuition or not, we will explore many different ways each personality type can learn how to work with your internal compass to help make more clear decisions and feel a greater sense of satisfaction and understanding in challenging relationships.

I use my intuition every. single. day. I ask my angels for help every. day. It's the truth! Even my friends laugh at how 'interesting' it is that every time I ask the 'parking angels' to help me find a parking spot in a known high volume area during peak time, there always seems to be someone leaving just as I arrive. 

Whether its asking my intuition which foods to eat, which clients to work with, which projects to take on, or how to best approach a conflict in a relationship - my still inner voice ALWAYS guides me to the right people, words, opportunities, and clarity to take the light next step. 

Decision making will not seem so hard.

Confrontation won't be something you fear.

And standing up for what you believe in will feel like second nature when you develop your connection to your intuition.

Even logical left brainers use their intuition - its just in a different way than empathic feelers. 

In this retreat, we will explore all the ways you can Activate Your Intuition so that you can live a more synchronized life.

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For more details view the Retreat PDF here

Message from Karina:

"It's important for me to speak with each attendee before they register. So if you're interested in attending, please email me at karina@synchronizewithin.com so we can set up a time to chat. My retreat experiences are personal and intimate and to be sure you'll receive what you need from the experience, I'd like to learn more about you, your story, and why you feel called to be there. Thank you for helping make this more of a person to person experience rather than a disconnected virtual one."


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