Turn Your Highly Sensitive 'Shortcomings' Into Highly Sensitive Strengths
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Meet Karina

Hi! Karina here.
Vlogger, Podcaster, Relationship Coach, HSP Mentor, and Life Strategist living in the beautiful Hudson Valley of New York. And yes, I am High Sensation Seeking, Highly Sensitive Person. 

Since fully owning the trait of being a HSP, I’ve committed my life to the contribution of the Highly Sensitive Person Awareness Movement by starting and facilitating 5 Meet-Up Groups for Highly Sensitive People across the US; from New York to Hawaii, hosted and co-hosted retreats in Colorado and San Diego, CA, and currently facilitate a virtual membership community for Highly Sensitive People called Synchronize Your Life.

I started these community spaces because I’ve seen and felt the power of what happens when we feel safe and experience a sense of belonging and unconditional understanding. We are stronger, more resilient, and braver to be seen and heard in a world many of us have felt misunderstood by. We are often the silent leaders, the beta leaders, the gentle leaders from behind that influence in powerful ways. Often without credit or recognition, and yet, we touch many peoples' lives everywhere we go. For many of us, that’s the way we like it - making a powerful impact, without it being about us.

For the sacred contracts I am here to serve, I feel deeply that any sensitive person who still feels like an ugly duckling (not good enough, self-doubtful, insecure, and too small to many any real impact on the world), has a light inside of them, a connection to something so beautiful, that when given the right conditions, can create new worlds and heal from past traumas.

I created the Synchronize Your Life Membership Community to provide ideal growing conditions for Highly Sensitive People to fully know and love themselves; to see their own beauty, their own light, and trust the internal compass that leads from within. For every person, that will look differently, and by knowing yourself, you will find your way. That is my promise to you.

And me – I am here as your guide. To teach you how to read the maps of life, navigate the internal compass, and handle the roadblocks you’re presented with, so you can diligently take steps towards carving out your own piece of the world in a way that is meaningful to you.

If your heart is fluttering with excitement as you read this, let's connect. Fill out an Interest Form to let me know you'd like to connect for a 45-minute Interest Call to discuss what it would look like to enroll in the Synchronize Your Life Membership and receive private 1:1 coaching. Looking forward to connecting further, talk soon ⎊

With love,
Karina Antonopoulos


Formal Education & Training

Studied All Master's Level Coursework in Clinical Mental Health Counseling @ Walden University
 Bachelor of Arts in Psychology @ State University of New York at New Paltz
  Certified Health Coach @ The Institute for Integrative Nutrition
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